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The BQF Academy, was established in 2006 as the Lean Six Sigma Academy to define the bodies of knowledge for Lean Six Sigma belts and to ensure a rigorous certification for practitioners.

The BQF Academy now has a much broader scope than just Lean Six Sigma and offers a range of certificated pathways for those wanting to recognise the talents and achievements of both individuals and teams involved in improvement, transformation or simply a journey towards excellence. BQF are proud to own the standards, and expectations for each certification and in collaboration with the academy partners are able to offer a great selection of training and capability development in a wide range of topics. The training and certification assessments are carried out by using only the best training providers and the BQF stamp of approval is a guarantee of quality. BQF are really proud to recognise the efforts of practitioners in our widely published Certification Register.

Be Your Best!

Overcome some of the obstacles holding you back from realising your goals and reframe what your best team or self looks like.

Change Management

Develop a set of methods, tools and techniques that help to ensure change is managed well and everyone involved is equipped to deliver its full potential.

Continuous Improvement

Create an Improvement Culture that recognises the journey you are on, the great work you have done and the outcomes you have achieved.


Lean Training provides a sound knowledge of Lean Thinking, its key principles, concepts, and tools. Managing Change techniques to help ensure improvement.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a set of powerful tools and techniques that will help you and your organisation improve efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Living your values

In the service sector, many traditional approaches are no longer relevant and there is a new business agenda emerging. The values economy is here. 

Mental Health

Award-winning accredited & certified mental health practioner training. Identify issues and provide non-clinical support to your colleagues in a proactive way.

Project Management

Become a great Project or Programme Manager and gain technical aswell as the softer skills required to  manage and motivate people.


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