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The BQF Lean Six Sigma Academy

The BQF Lean Six Sigma Academy, was established in 2006 to define the bodies of knowledge for Lean Six Sigma belts and to ensure a rigorous certification for practitioners.

The founder members of the BQF Lean Six Sigma Academy included Catalyst Consulting and Renault Nissan who were  later joined by BT,  PA Consulting and Boomster Consulting.

The BQF Lean Six sigma Academy is now the UKs leading certification body for Lean Six Sigma and we are proud to recognise the efforts of practitioners in our Certification Register.

The BQF Lean Six Sigma Academy now has a broader scope than just Lean Six Sigma in collaboration with the academy partners, introducing new training bodies of knowledge and certification expectations for Lean, Robotic Process Automation, Business Black Belt  and Change Management. The training and certification are carried out by using only the best training providers and the BQF stamp of approval is a guarantee of quality.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a set of powerful tools and techniques that will help you and your organisation improve efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. You will also able to enhance your career prospects, develop your practical problem-solving approaches and you will be recognised on our register of practitioners. Most importantly, Lean Six Sigma works for any sized business in any industry sector.

Internationally recognised, the Lean Six Sigma certification schemes provide independent verification of competency in applying the Lean and Lean Six Sigma methodologies across the full range of expertise levels.

Our Lean Six Sigma training is delivered by Catalyst Consulting, our key partners of The BQF Academy. The training is also delivered by other recommended assessment centres.

Certifications include: BQF Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, BQF Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, BQF Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, BQF Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Change Management

We have recently collaborated with Boomster Consulting who have created the simple and practical approach to Achieving Brilliant Change. They specialise in building and transferring capability to others with a real focus on operational application, simplifying many well-known theories into easy to apply daily repeatable habits that enable others to deliver successful sustainable change. They believe we all have a role to play in making great change happen.

It is method agnostic so fits for any change no matter what type size or scale. Boomster Consulting offer three training packages – Change Maker Leader, Change Maker Advanced and Change Maker Team.

Certifications include: BQF Change Management Practitioner, BQF Change Management Advanced Practitioner, BQF Change Management Master Practitioner.