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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a set of powerful tools and techniques that will help you and your organisation improve efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. Our Lean Six Sigma training is delivered by Catalyst Consulting and Renault-Nissan Consulting, our key Lean Six Sigma Academy partners, and other recommended assessment centres’.


Why use Lean Six Sigma?

The tools will help you to deliver real, measurable, operational and financial improvements in your organisation.


Benefits to you:

  • Develops your practical problem solving approaches which you can apply in improvement projects and in your day to day role.
  • Enhances your career prospects, increases your self-esteem and value to your employer.
  • Affirms your commitment to quality.
  • Recognises performance excellence.
  • Creates a common language and expectation of capability.
  • Provides many transferable skills.
  • You will be recognised on our register of practitioners.


Lean Six Sigma Certification

Internationally recognised, our Lean Six Sigma Academy certification schemes provide independent verification of competency in applying the Lean and Lean Six Sigma methodologies across the full range of expertise levels.

Find out more about the certification process.

Enter The BQF Academy Lean Six Sigma Award

The BQF Academy Lean Six Sigma Award recognises innovation and a measurable improvement from a project employing Lean, Lean Six Sigma or other performance improvement methodologies.

To find out more about this award and how to apply please visit the award webpage.