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The new EFQM Model

The new EFQM Model was unveiled at the EFQM Forum in Helsinki in October 2019, and BQF are proud to have been a part of the development of the new Model.

If you are an organisation of any size or sector, or an individual seeking a tried and tested management framework, then the new Model is for you. Read on to find out more about the Model and how it differs from the 2013 Model.

What is the EFQM Model?

The EFQM Model is a globally-recognised management framework which allows organisations to achieve success by measuring where they are on the path towards transformation, helping them understand the gaps and possible solutions available, and empowering them to progress and significantly improve their organisation’s performance.

What are the benefits of using the Model?

Since its inception, the EFQM Model has provided a blueprint for organisations across and beyond Europe to develop a culture of performance and innovation.
The new EFQM Model allows organisations to embrace change, drive performance and evolve for the future.

Here are just some of the Model benefits.

It helps:
• define your purpose
• create your culture
• forge strong leaders
• transform your organisation
• foster agile practices
• address unique organisational challenges
• helps forecast the future

Read more about the benefits in detail on the EFQM website.

Who uses the Model?

The Model is one of the most widely used management frameworks in the world, having been adopted by global corporations, SME’s, public entities and private enterprises.

It is utilised in all sectors, from petro-chemical to manufacturing and everything in-between.

How has the Model changed?

Built on design thinking, the new Model offers a vital framework and methodology to help with the changes, transformation, and disruption that individuals and organisations face every day.

Now, through the application of up-to-date content, insightful data, a new language and a fresh look at megatrends and various global shifts that are reshaping the world we live in, the EFQM Model provides a modern reflection of what good looks like right now.

To create the new EFQM Model we surveyed 2000 change experts, facilitated 20 workshops internally, spoke face to face with leaders in over 60 diverse organisations and created a core team of experts from across industries and academia who, while competitors in day to day business, worked to co-create the new model together.

Through this unique collaboration, we were able to craft, prototype and perfect – combining our collective expertise and experience, to enable organisations to apply a flexible framework that’s fit for purpose and which helps recode their ways of working, both in the short and long term.

How can I purchase the Model guide?

You can purchase the full EFQM Model guide through us by submitting an order form. If you are a member of BQF, you will be able to purchase this at the member price.

If you do not wish to purchase the full guide yet, you can download the free short version here.

EFQM Webinars on Digital Platforms & Recognition

The EFQM are running regular webinars about the new licensed digital platforms AssessBase (tools for assessment) and KnowledgeBase (sharing, information, knowledge platform) as well about the updates to Recognition introduced alongside the new EFQM Model. 

These webinars showcase MyEFQM platform and offer you the opportunity to:

  1. Understand how to use EFQM’s organisation performance diagnostic technology
  2. Take a deep dive and learn about EFQM’s Innovation assessment method and tool
  3. Discuss ideas with peers from our global community
  4. Start to share best practice and leading-edge business content
  5. Participate in group activities online

If you are interested in any of these please contact Ian Swain for more details [email protected]. 

New Digital Tools

With the new Model comes two new digital platforms. The first is Assess Base this will be used for all recognitions against the new Model but can also be used as an in-house assessment tool and repository for documentation. There are several different assessment tools within Assess Base.

The second is the Knowledge Base. This will hold a wealth of information and knowledge which will be curated by experts and regularly updated. You will be able to search by Model criteria, Topic, Industry etc and nuts will come from e.g. practitioners, research, subject matter experts and from the global EFQM Community.

These tools will be licensed at €500 per license per year. There may be additional benefits available for multiple licenses so again BQF is collating a register of interest in these tools. If you are interested then in the first instance please email Ian Swain, with the subject: Expression of interest in EFQM digital platforms.