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Continuous Improvement

In your organisation do you think everyone knows how well they’re fulfilling the customers’ needs on a daily basis?

For most organisations you may be surprised to hear the answer is no! Based on our experience of deploying continuous improvement to more than 25,000 employees inside BT, we can help you understand more about how to fulfil your customer’s needs and what’s required to start and develop a continuous improvement culture within your business.

A culture of continuous improvement involves everyone and we’ve found that when done in a sustainable way, the benefits really can keep on coming. Our experience has shown that by giving people
at the front line a shared purpose and clear direction, matched with the capability and authority to solve simple problems and make change happen, this has significantly hard business results.

It helps to create immediate value for your customers too, and we encourage people to think of their workplace as though it’s their own mini business, it really works! With our wealth of expertise learnt, we’re here to help you to start the journey…

Continuous Improvement foundation training –
This 4-day training provides the foundations for continuous improvement based on BT’s experience and learning. The agenda covers the main foundation areas all supported by practical exercises and real life examples.


Aimed at operational people who keen to learn a Continuous Improvement way of working this foundation training will introduce them to key concepts and approaches:-

Setting direction: Understanding the organisations strategy and case for change

Creating performance dialogue: Aligned to the business strategy

Solving problems: Using team based problem solving approaches

Sustaining continuous improvement: Turning theory into action focused next steps

Course style

This four day course will provide an insight into our distilled practice and how it can be applied in a scenario that we will contrast and compare against your real-life and existing deliveries. Energetic and interactive, the course is includes simulations and gamification, giving you the opportunity to learn from hands on practice and better relate the theory to your operational application, so that you’re able to start applying the principles back in your workplace straight away!

Course dates 2017:

9-12 January

6-9 February

6-9 March 

Please contact events@bqf.org.uk for more information