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Performance improvement

Organisations everywhere, of all types and sizes, are under constant pressure to improve their business performance – increase efficiency, reduce costs and achieve greater customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

In response to this pressure, many different performance improvement ideas, approaches and methods have evolved. Some of these have focused on certain elements of improving business performance, some have been been built around a set of fixed standards and ‘levels’ of quality, and others have developed around a specific sector or industry.

EFQM Excellence Model

The EFQM Excellence Model is Europe’s leading management framework. It is thorough and non-prescriptive and can be applied to any organisation of any size, sector or industry. Used by over 30,000 organisations across Europe, it provides a rounded view of an organisation. The model looks at leadership, business strategy, people management, partnerships, resources and business processes. It also includes relationships with the customer, staff and the wider community and society. It helps organisations assess where they are on the path to excellence, and understand their key strengths and areas for improvement.

If you’re beginning your journey to excellence or need support, training or advice on a specific issue such as change or programme and project management get in touch, we can help.

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