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EFQM Levels of Excellence

What are Levels of Excellence?

The EFQM Levels of Excellence programme is a structured international recognition scheme. It was introduced as a means of helping organisations track their Excellence journey and to provide input from experienced, qualified assessors to help managers in business identify next steps.

It aims to support, assess and recognise organisations, regardless of size or sector, that apply the EFQM Excellence Model.

Organisations can demonstrate to their stakeholders a commitment to continuous improvement and a high level of performance in all areas.

There are several levels of recognition that can be achieved:

Committed to Excellence - Validation

Recognises an organisation’s approaches to identifying, prioritising, implementing and tracking improvements.

Committed to Excellence - Assessment (C2E 2 Star)

Recognises organisations that have a number of key building blocks of Excellence in place.

Recognised for Excellence - (R4E 3, 4, 5 Star)

Recognises the level of maturity of an organisation when assessed using the full EFQM Excellence Model Framework.

5-star recognition

5-star recognises a degree of good management within an organisation, some well defined process and some positive trends for results over at least three years for some of the criteria. However, it does not suggest perfection and organisations work hard with the feedback to continue their journey. Recognition is valid for 2 years.

There are additional levels of recognition such as the national awards (UKEA) and European Awards.

Which recognition should my organisation apply for?

This depends on a number of things, such as performance data and the age of your organisation.

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Which organisations are certified for excellence?

All the organisations listed in our directory of excellence have undergone a thorough and independent assessment administered by us and approved by EFQM.