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The BQF Academy Continuous Improvement Award 2020


The BQF Academy Continuous Improvement Award

040 BQF UK Excellence Awards 2020 - The BQF Academy Continuous Improvement Award.

Continuous improvement is the never-ending drive for excellence which simply becomes what we all do every day… but probably no surprise to anyone it isn’t as simple as it sounds.  In reality it takes everyone, yes everyone to play their role in creating this cultural way or working.

This award seeks to recognise organisations or teams who are striving to create a working environment where everyone is equipped, skilled and empowered to identify and deliver improvements every day.

Why apply?

A continuous improvement journey can have a number of bumps along the way as organisations transform and cultures may need to change. Why not use the opportunity of this new award for 2020 to recognise your organisation or your team for what has been achieved so far? It will help to reinforce the positive behaviours and good practices leading to improved commitment. Is it time for recognition on a bigger stage for what has been achieved?

Who should apply?

This award welcomes entries from organisations and teams that are proud of their Continuous Improvement journey.

How to apply?

Entry is simple – by completion of an online application form and submission of supporting evidence.

Application Criteria

The judges would like to hear from those who are making strides on this journey and proud of what has been achieved so far.  Whether that’s creating and demonstrating new Leadership behaviours to encourage and reinforce this way of working or a team who are working together to deliver valuable improvements for their customers by being empowered to make a difference.  The judges will be looking for what the aims are, how people have been engaged and an insight into the processes, tools, techniques and reinforcement strategies being used to deliver successful outcomes.


PLEASE NOTE: Gold and Gold Plus members are entitled to 1 free entry to either Excellence in Awards or the Lean Six Sigma Academy Award. Silver members are entitled to a half price entry to either Excellence in Awards or the Lean Six Sigma Academy Award.

£300 + VAT

per entry

£500 + VAT

per entry

£150 + VAT

per entry

Dates for your diary

Entries close

7 February 2020

Judging begins

February 2020

Shortlist will be announced

23 March 2020

Ceremony night

4 June 2020

Awards FAQs

Can I nominate more than one person for this award?

Yes, you can enter as many individuals as you like for this Leadership Award.

Can I nominate myself for this award?

Individuals cannot apply themselves but should be nominated by a reporting line manager/Head of/Director or previous employer.  The nomination should be endorsed by an additional peer, stakeholder or client.

When is entry deadline?

Entry deadlines for the Innovation, Lean Six Sigma and Leadership awards are all on the 31st of October.

Awards Ceremony

The 2020 awards ceremony is taking place at 8 Northumberland Avenue in the city of London.

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