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Scott McArthur, Keynote Speaker – Sculpture Consulting


At the core of Scott’s craft is his knowledge gleaned from working in over 200 organisations across the world delivering transformation and change programmes for multiple sectors.  However, his makers mark on the conference stage are his stories which go much deeper than business into the human condition.  He is a published scientist (degenerative disease) poet (narrative) and writer (music, prose and business) and has won awards for consulting, training, speaking and for his contribution to Scottish music. When speaking Scott is able to mould a convincing narrative from these disciplines to inspire the conference audience and to provide them with unique tools and techniques that they can take back into their lives and workplaces and make a real difference to their lives.Scott’s keynotes are particularly concerned with transformation specifically in how we go about our daily lives and the impact of what he calls, “our inner work” on our relationships, organisations and cultures.  He is passionate about mindful practices and their application as well as the application of the arts and academic scholarship to the corporate world.  His delivery style is visually impactful, carefully evidenced based and delivered with a hint of Billy Connolly like humour his talks are never forgotten.

Social Media Contact Information:

Twitter handle:  https://twitter.com/Scott_McArthur

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottmcarthur/