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Petko Tinchev, CEO of GemSeek, part of Future Thinking Group

Petko is the CEO and co-founder of GemSeek, a prominent data science and digital products company part of the Future Thinking Group. Prior to founding GemSeek, Petko supported US startup companies with business plan writing and go-to-market innovative modelling solutions on growth opportunities for large European companies. Together with the GemSeek and Future Thinking management team Petko led the creation of multiple innovative solutions in the domain of customer experience research and data science that predict customer behavior and prioritize actions. He is also one of the thought leaders in the group on future market intelligence trends and innovations. One of the most recent client success in the Telcom industry received recognition at the 2018 MRS awards as winner in Innovation in Data analytics. Aside from applying innovative solutions for predicting  customer behavior, Petko is very interested in applying such methods in human resource management within GemSeek.

Social Media Information:

Twitter: @gemseek

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petko-tinchev-3a69689/