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Transforming Your Business Through Wellbeing

Thu, 03/01/2019 - 16:38

Holistic comes from the Greek word “Holos” and this in English is translated as “whole” or “entire”.  A holistic or integrative approach to wellbeing and productivity means taking an organisation or an individual as a whole rather than small parts or departments, recognising their independence but considering the entire entity and how all the parts or departments are interlinked.

Wellbeing, like excellence, is a key element for any successful business. A wellness workshop will provide powerful techniques to equip your team to deal with our complex and volatile economy and demanding clients.

UK businesses might experience some of these challenges during their business cycles:

  • Reducing operational costs without compromising customer satisfaction
  • Finding and retaining great talent
  • Reducing training costs by reducing high levels of staff turnover
  • Tackling inefficiency and procrastination
  • Reducing absenteeism and health costs

With all this in mind, business leaders must think about adopting processes that are cost effective and contribute to the business success.  Some benefits of improving wellbeing naturally and supporting your employees to manage challenges can be powerful:

Reducing stress

Employees have highly demanding jobs, full of external stressors and targets to achieve.  Tackling this problem at the source and supporting your employees with a workshop that can help them understand emotions such as stress can improve productivity, focus and your organisation’s culture. Your team will not only feel valued and happy but they will learn how to make good decisions and to communicate effectively. By adopting healthier habits employees will learn to shift into a health conscious mindset that benefits themselves and the business as well.

Managing emotions and improving communication is not only good for team members, but also an essential skill for the leaders of your organisation. Your management must have empathy, learn how to listen and influence others, but they cannot accomplish any of these if they do not learn how to manage their own emotions first. Ongoing support will help your staff deal with personal and work related challenges and maintain high levels of productivity.

Increasing engagement and productivity

By improving wellbeing naturally, your employees will enjoy higher levels of energy and motivation. Happy employees will enjoy their work and be loyal to your organisation. It is vital to have a vibrant and highly engaged team that will focus on delivering outstanding service and exceed the needs of each individual client.

Thinking of energy like a bank account, you can have a surplus or a deficit. A healthy balance is key to maintaining good levels of productivity and if your team has a deficit, they can make costly mistakes and they will not have enough energy to invest into your business and your clients.

Reducing absenteeism costs

Mental health costs UK employers over £34 billion according to a study published in 2017 by the Centre for Mental Health (1). This does not even include the cost for absenteeism due to colds, headaches, backaches, burnout and injuries.

The purpose of improving wellbeing naturally is to greatly improve your employees’ physical fitness and overall wellbeing, by exploring sleep, breathing, nutrition, movement and thought. As employees start taking care of their mental wellbeing and focusing on eating healthy foods and
staying active, the extra weight will start to shed off faster, correct their postural imbalances and they will feel strong, relaxed and confident.

Source: This article was written by Jenny Mayor, Wellness Coach and Founder of The Holistic Workshop.


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