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St Monica Trust – Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds

Fri, 28/07/2017 - 15:22

Following a nationwide search, the St Monica Trust, was chosen by Channel 4 to be the location for a ground breaking social experiment and a two part television programme: Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds.

‘Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds’ aims to prove that bringing together retirement community residents and preschool children can help transform the lives of the older volunteers for the better.”

Chief Executive of the St Monica Trust, David Williams said: “Everyone at the St Monica Trust is extremely proud of our residents for the bravery they have shown in discussing so honestly the issues that affect older people. Seeing the benefits of this ground breaking project has only strengthened the Trust’s desire to create open communities that actively encourage contact across different generations.”

St Monica Trust is currently a Silver Member of BQF and has been part of the BQF community since 2013.


Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds will be on Channel 4 at 9.00pm on Tuesday, 1 August and Wednesday 2 August.

For more information please download the press release.

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