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Adecco UK & Ireland Central Services achieves EFQM Recognised for Excellence (R4E)

Wed, 08/05/2019 - 09:54

Adecco UK & Ireland Central Services, the UK and Ireland’s largest workplace solutions organisation, has successfully achieved a 4-star EFQM Recognised for Excellence (R4E) following a rigorous assessment.

EFQM Recognised for Excellence is Europe’s leading recognition programme for organisational performance, and forms part of the EFQM Levels of Excellence.

Tim Davies, Group Transformation Manager, said:

This is an important achievement and recognition for our Adecco teams. We have been developing a culture of continuous improvement for several years and have demonstrated significant business change as a  consequence. This has enabled us to adapt to the changing economic landscape and continue to deliver sustainable performance. We look forward to developing further across all areas of The Adecco Group. It’s been a genuine pleasure working alongside the EFQM assessors.

Laila lftikhar-Ali, Head of IT & Transformation, said:

We are humbled to have achieved a 4* ‘recognised for excellence’ status. We have been building capability to drive excellence across our business for 7 years. Throughout our focus has been on culture, mindset and behavioural change to adapt to and sustain changes in our performance, process and digital operating models. Our achievements in the UK have led the way for best practice across our Group globally. To receive recognition from the BQF and EFQM assessors provides recognition for the commitment by our teams to drive excellence.

The Lead Assessor added:

Adecco UK&I Central & Shared Services impressed the assessors with their dedication both to customer service excellence and colleague involvement. There are many great examples of how they are adding value to customers through finding innovative and improving offers based on ideas and input from people working together to achieve the ambition. It was great to be with the team for a week and enjoy the Adecco experience. The 4* recognition is well deserved and the assessors have confidence the journey will not end here!

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