A collection of reading materials and resources relevant to the group.

Recommended reading for members of the EFQM Excellence Model User Group

Reading and resourcesAt the meeting on 8 April 2011, some suggested reading and resources for the EFQM Excellence Model User Group were gathered as follows:

  1. 'Strategy Maps: Converting Intangible Assets into Tangible Outcomes' by Robert Kaplan and David Norton
  2. 'Getting the Right Things Done: A Leader's Guide to Planning and Execution' by Pascal Dennis
  3. 'Creative Destruction' by Robert Foster and Sarah Kaplan
  4. 'The Living Company: Growth Learning and Longevity in Business' by Arie De Geus
  5. 'Made to Stick: Why some Ideas hold and others come Unstuck' by Dan Heath and Chip Heath
  6. 'Winning!' by Sir Clive Woodward
  7. The London Benchmarking Group
  8. Powerpoint Presentations Resource
  9. 'Managing and Delivering Performance' by Bernard Marr.
  10. For an interpretation of the Model to read alongside your copy of the EFQM's formal Guide to the Excellence Model, BQF Members D & D Excellence recently launched their EFQM Excellence Model Companion.

Additional reading and resources

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