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Lean Six Sigma Certification Register

Inclusion on our Certification Register confirms that an individual has demonstrated the required level of technical expertise, application experience and managerial skills to implement Lean and Lean Six Sigma projects. This invaluable register is often used by employers and recruitment agencies to find candidates for specialised roles and validate experience.

The following lists the names of people who hold a BQF Lean Six Sigma Certificate since April 2013. If an individual is listed as active this means that they have demonstrated that they are currently delivering Lean or Lean Six Sigma projects. We will remind you before your three years is up to reactivate your license.

If you were certified more than three years ago, you will still be on the register but your ‘licensed to practice until’ status will be shown as inactive. To reactivate your status, we have introduced a new process where you will need to submit documentation of your learning and practice activities through the BQF Academy application form.

Certification Register (2013 onwards)

If you certified before April 2013 please contact us to confirm that you are present on the full Lean and Lean Six Sigma register.

The Lean Six Sigma certification process is carried out by approved Black and Master Black Belt experts who have been licensed by us to assess Lean and Six Sigma practitioners.