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Renewing your Lean Six Sigma Licence of Current Practice

Renewing your Lean Six Sigma Licence of Current Practice
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Lean Six Sigma practitioners can evidence that their skills are up to date and continuing to develop through the Licence of Current Practice.

We have designed a simple, low-cost approach where you maintain a log of your CI activities and associated training which you submit to us every three years.


Licence of Current Practice Application/Renewal Process

Lean Six Sigma Certification

  • To re-certify you need to document your learning and practice activities via the BQF licence of Lean Six Sigma Current Practice application form. Simply complete the form by entering one training course/activity per section. The sections of the form can be duplicated as required to show all of your activity.
  • To maintain your ‘Licence of Current Practice’, you should submit the completed application form no sooner than three months and no later than one month before your licence expiry date. Your expiry date is exactly three years since the date of issue stated on your certificate or last licence
  • Over the three years since the issue date of your most recent licence, the minimum amount of new learning and continued practice required for renewal is listed in the box below.
  • Please submit all completed application forms to BQF via email to [email protected] or by post to: 3rd Floor, 53 New Broad Street, London, EC2M 1JJ for the attention of the Lean Six Sigma Academy.
  • Once your application has been reviewed (within approximately 1 month) you will be contacted by BQF to inform you if your application has been approved. If approved you will receive a new ‘Licence of Current Practice’  in the form of a digital certificate. It will include a new issue date from which the new 3-year CPD term will start. If your application has been unsuccessful you will receive written feedback and a re-submission deadline (if applicable).

New Learning and Development Requirements

CPD table - recertify

New learning acquired through attending a relevant seminar is credited at the rate of 0.5 days learning per one day’s seminar attendance.

In the above table, a project means a Green or Black Belt project of the same scale and complexity as those carried out for Green or Black Belt certification.

The principles and approach described above should be followed in general but a more flexible assessment process reflecting the wide variation in MBB roles applies.  You do not need to use the forms to document your evidence.

  1. Please submit your CV detailing relevant training and CI activities you have undertaken over the last three years. These could include:
  • Coaching others in the use of LSS/CI tools and methods.
  • Development or delivery of LSS/CI training.
  • Writing and presentation of LSS/CI technical papers / publications.
  • CI Leadership, Strategy Development, Deployment.
  • Organisational Assessments led.
  • CI Programme Governance.
  • Consultancy assignments.
  • MBB level projects.
  1. In addition, please submit a case study or thought-leadership article you have written. This can be on any topic relevant to the field of Lean Six Sigma or Continuous Improvement.

Find out more

Please visit our FAQ’s Page for more information regarding the Lean Six Sigma Academy Certification Process. If you have any other questions please email [email protected]