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BQF Lean Six Sigma Academy Award


Entry deadline: 31st October 2017
Lean Six Sigma Award

BQF Lean Six Sigma Academy Award

This award recognises innovation and a measurable improvement from a project employing Lean, Lean Six Sigma or other performance improvement methodologies.

Why apply?

These projects will be from organisations of all sizes and sectors and the practitioner deploying them will be from a wide range of capability and experience.

How to apply?

Entry is by way of an online entry form and to include up to 6 PowerPoint slides. For more information please email Ian Swain, our Lean Six Sigma Representative, at [email protected].

Application Criteria

The organisation’s understanding of the problem being tackled, including a clear problem and goal statement

  • The methodology used, be it DMAIC, DMADV, or PDCA.
  • Application of the right Lean or Lean Six Sigma tools, at the right time, and in the right way.

The Judging Panel will look primarily at the methodology used and the results achieved, rather than organisational transformation or the scale of the project, using the following criteria:

  • Achievement of bottom line results / benefits targeted, and an effective control plan to ensure the gains are secured.

£400 + VAT

per entry

£600 + VAT

per entry

Dates for your diary

Entries close

6 November 2017

Judging begins

November 2017

Shortlist will be announced

December 2017

Ceremony night

Thursday 15 March 2018

Award Judges

James Aherne

Director at Renault-Nissan Consulting

“The real value of Lean and Six Sigma is not purely in the systematic deployment of a set of tools; it’s the practical application and adaptation of robust approaches to meet a business need.  At Renault-Nissan Consulting my team is passionate about delivering real value in this way and serving on the panel of BQF Award judges allows me to indulge in this passion.  The most rewarding aspect though is sharing the excitement, enthusiasm and celebration of the finalists and winners as they see their efforts recognised through the Awards process.”

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James’ career has been very focused on the delivery of achievable solutions to problems within service and manufacturing environments. As a Six Sigma Black Belt and accomplished Lean practitioner, he is formally trained but also well experience in the practical deployment of these wonderful methodologies.

Now as an Operations Director within Renault-Nissan Consulting, James has responsibility for delivery of impactful solutions for clients globally with a team of dedicated practitioners.

Moore Allison

Director of Learning Solutions, Master Black Belt at Catalyst Consulting Ltd

Moore Allison

“I’m passionate about best practice in my field of expertise and I’m really looking forward to judging the LSS Award entries.”

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Moore was trained and became a practitioner in Six Sigma while working for Motorola. While Moore was there, he led many projects himself, coached others and qualified as a Black Belt Instructor with Motorola University. Moore was an independent consultant from 2001 and then joined Catalyst in 2006. In that time, he has trained and coached thousands of Belts across all sectors and assessed many for BQF certification from Yellow to Master Black Belt level.

Moore co-chair’s the BQF’s Lean Six Sigma Academy working to keep the certification standards high and relevant and promote Lean Six to the membership and beyond.

Adele Cihlar

Senior Consultant, Leadership, Learning and Talent at BT Group HR


“I’m passionate about how people have applied their learning to achieve benefits and improvements in their area, I look forward to judging the LSS Award entries.”

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Adele was trained and became a practitioner in Lean Six Sigma while working for Cummins. Whilst there, she led many projects herself, coached others and qualified as Master Black Belt. After leaving Cummins Adele worked in both retail and finance sectors, leading and coaching projects putting the principles she had learnt in manufacturing in to practice in the service industries.

For the last 7 years Adele has worked for BT, for the last 4 years leading the learning development pathway for its Business Improvement professionals. In that time, Adele trained and coached thousands in six sigma and lean both internally and externally to BT.  Working with large organisations to develop their own internal Change capability. Adele represents BT on the Lean Six Sigma Academy where they work to keep the certification standards high and relevant and promote Lean Six to the membership and beyond.


WINNER 1: Marks and Spencer

The recently formed M&S Continuous Improvement teams use Lean Six Sigma tools to deliver “simple elegant solutions”. Projects included in-store food traceability, automated stocktaking and improving the speed of customer self service till transactions. These and other initiatives have delivered significant year one efficiencies and cost savings.

WINNER 2: WEG Electric Equipment

WEG Electric Equipment Brazil presented an innovative approach to achieving a significant reduction in Model W22 motor defects and the associated savings in cost of rework and scrap. This project was a traditional manufacturing one that demonstrated the use of advanced tools and was executed in an exemplary manner. The problem was well defined and the approach to the solution was both logical and pragmatic.

Awards FAQ's

Am I eligible to enter?

All organisations can enter our awards. Please see our individual award categories pages for more information who can apply and the criterias for applying.

Can companies of any size enter this award?

Yes. We encourage companies of all sizes and from all sectors to enter our awards.

When is entry deadline?

Entry deadlines for the Innovation, Lean Six Sigma and Leadership awards are all on the 31st of October.

Awards Ceremony

For our 25th Anniversary we’ve relocated our awards ceremony to Guildhall – London’s powerhouse since the twelfth century.

2016 Winners

Find out more about the 2016 winners, sponsors and host, Karren Brady.