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Innovation in Customer Experience Award


Entry deadline: 31st October 2017
Innovation Customer Experience Award

Innovation in Customer Experience Award

This award recognises organisations that have enhanced customer experience by implementing new and innovative strategies.  Organisations must demonstrate how innovation has delivered significant business benefits and improved customer satisfaction ratings. 

Why apply?

Get recognised as a premium, award-winning customer experience provider while gaining external recognition for the hard work and success achieved by you and your team.

  • Promote your business and showcase your achievements.
  • Grow your network by connecting with brands and influencers.
  • Get insight into best practices and learn from CX experts.
  • Boost your workplace morale by recognising your employees for their contributions.
  • Establish credibility among customers with award-winning CX services.
  • Attract new clients through PR exposure.

How to apply?

Entry is simple – by completion of an online application form and submission of supporting evidence.

Application Criteria

What improvements have been and are being made across customer experience core competencies?

  • Purposeful leadership: Leaders operate consistently with a clear, well-articulated set of values.
  • Compelling brand values: Brand attributes are driving decisions about how you treat customers.
  • Employee engagement: Employees are fully committed to the goals of your organisation.
  • Customer connectedness: Customer feedback and insight is integrated throughout your organisation.
  • Results. How is the effort creating value for customers and for the company?
  • Sustainability. How well is the company setup for ongoing success?

£300 + VAT

per entry


Members also receive up to 30% discount depending on number of award entries submission. Contact us for details.

£500 + VAT

per entry

£150 + VAT

per entry

Dates for your diary

Entries close

6 November 2017

Judging begins

November 2017

Shortlist will be announced

December 2017

Ceremony night

Thursday 15 March 2018


WINNER 1: Barclays

The Advocacy Team is the Centre of Excellence responsible for resolving complaints and supporting significant shifts in customer experience for all areas of Barclays.

This initiative focuses on how the Advocacy Team resolves customer issues often before the customer realises there is a problem. Through customer insight and taking a personalised approach they proactively seek opportunities to improve the overall customer experience.

Natalie Dunn

Head of Future Checkout Transformation at Sainsbury’s


“I’m delighted to be a judge for the Innovation in Customer Experience Award as in today’s climate I’m impressed by any company who can deliver change that prioritises the customer whilst juggling the inevitable demands on driving efficiency and return on investment.”

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During Natalie’s 16 years with Sainsbury’s, every role she has taken on has the customer firmly at the heart of it. More recently leading the Customer Experience agenda within Sainsbury’s, prioritising distinctive service and propositions where they matter most to our customers.

In Natalie’s current role she has moved from thinking about their customers’ expectations today to how they can serve them better in the future, in turn influencing the changing role of colleagues and technology in the business.

Paul Tarrant

Business Improvement Consultant

Paul Tarrant

“Having previously led an Achievement Award entry myself and presented to a jury panel as a finalist, I am now excited to have this opportunity to be a BQF Award judge. I look forward to seeing how innovation is being used to improve customer experience.”

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Paul is a Qualified EFQM and UK Excellence Awards Assessor and an advocate of business improvement founded on sound principles that add customer value. He led on the R4E assessments at First Capital Connect achieving 5-star in 2013.

Paul has held senior roles in quality and business improvement across the Rail, Construction Products and Services, and Electronics Manufacture sectors, most recently as Business Excellence Manager with Govia Thameslink Railway and in a former role as Quality Manager with Bombardier Transportation Services. His early career was in Product Test and Development with BAe.

As a member of the organising committee for the BQF EFQM Model Users Special Interest Group, Paul has presented on topics including: ‘Tools for Managing with Agility’, and ‘What Assessors Look For at EFQM Assessment’.

He is a Chartered Quality Professional and Member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Paul is continuing his career as an independent management consultant.

Paul Russell

Head of Business at CallConfidential

Paul Russell

“I am passionate about driving positive change and on achievement, reflecting on efforts made and success gained is in itself rewarding. Business that commit to this often have greater energy, enthusiasm and happier staff. They are in almost all instances more successful.  Rewarding such drive at all levels of a business is so important and infectious to continuous improvement.”

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For me customer is the lifeline of a business.  How we treat customers and what they experience of us as a business, is critical to our success. A bad experience is often the last one that a customer has of your business.  It is so difficult to recover that lost business.  On the other hand, a good experience is so important to both parties.  For our business, it raises the probability of repeat business, it may also provide free marketing through word of mouth.  For our customers, it gives them what they want in a way they want it.  Helpful, courteous, polite, warm and importance. The effort to do that isn’t that hard and it is about setting the right setting in your organisation that can provide it.  A happy staff is a more productive and engaged business. This is how our business intends to operate, always.

Awards FAQs

Am I eligible to enter?

All organisations can enter our awards. Please see our individual award categories pages for more information who can apply and the criterias for applying.

When is entry deadline?

Entry deadlines for the Innovation, Lean Six Sigma and Leadership awards are all on the 31st of October.

Can I get a discount?

BQF Members are eligible for up to 30% discount dependent on how many entries they make.

Innovation Awards: Charities, charitable trusts or not-for-profit organisations are eligible for the discounted rate of £150 plus VAT.

Please contact the Awards team for further information.

Awards Ceremony

For our 25th Anniversary we’ve relocated our awards ceremony to Guildhall – London’s powerhouse since the twelfth century.

2016 Winners

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