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Introduction to an integral lifestyle to take control of our own wellbeing and health

Tuesday 7 July @ 11:00am - 12:30pm

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80% of people in the ICU with Corona, have lifestyle related diseases . With that in mind it is, once again,  good to look at our lifestyle and take control of our own wellbeing and health.

We all know that we are more than just the body. We have thoughts, emotions and are connected to the world around us. For example, when your loved ones are unhappy, you are affected too. When you are in an unhealthy environment it immediately has a stressful impact on your body too.

Co-founder of Changespirators doctor Frans Bakker,  who has more than 40 years of expertise with groups and individuals on the subject ‘ lifestyle’ will host this workshop together with his colleague Lonnie Van Der Schilden on 7th July . They will introduce Frans lifestyle pyramid which shows a different take on what really influences the way you live. It will show that our current set of values is a reflection of the current paradigm and as such determines the choices we make in our life and lifestyle. Therefore, if you live according to a new set of values, your lifestyle will change and will become more whole and integrated.

How to Join

We will be using the video conferencing tool, Zoom.

Please download Zoom and familiarise yourself with it if you haven’t used it before. Or you can run Zoom directly from your browser. You can also watch tutorials here.

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Tuesday 7 July
11:00am - 12:30pm
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