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How to Transform Organisations and Services through Systems Thinking

Thursday 21 May @ 10:00am - 4:30pm

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How your organisation thinks about problems has a lot to do with the quality of solutions it applies.  Organisations often rush through problem solving, overlook the relationships between contributing factors, and fail to test assumptions before implementing an ineffective “fix”.

This workshop provides a new way to think and understand the challenges you face.  You will get an introduction to Systems Thinking concepts and systemic behaviours that guide organisations, and understand how Systems Thinking can improve problem solving and inspire organisational learning.  During the workshop you will understand how to apply Systems Thinking to issues that you and your organisation are actually facing.

Understand how a holistic approach can overcome traditional barriers to change and create sustainable and resilient organisations.

Workshop includes

  • A different way of seeing and thinking about organisations, services and change
  • Understanding causal loops and systems relationships
  • Systems traps and opportunities
  • How to create change within a System – understanding the leverage points
  • How Systems Thinking affects behaviour
  • Where to start and what help will you need?


  • Understand how to see Organisations and Services as Systems
  • Appreciate the key stages in a systems based transformation project
  • Review what contributes to successful change and contrast Systems Thinking with traditional approaches
  • Explore what Systems Thinking could contribute to their own change/organisational challenges
  • Understand how to take the next steps in applying Systems Thinking.

Who should attend

This workshop is aimed at executives and senior managers wanting to learn more about “Systems Thinking” and how it can be applied successfully in their organisations whatever the size or sector.


Participants will take away an understanding of why Systems Thinking is important for organisations, how Systems Thinking can impact on behaviour and techniques which can be applied within your business


Thursday 21 May
10:00am - 4:30pm
Member Price
£ 125 +VAT
Non-member Price
£ 225 +VAT
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Eirian Lewis
Presenter Note

Eirian Lewis is the Managing Director of TEAL Consulting, with over thirty years’ experience in business improvement and change.  His focus is directed at helping organisations think differently, facilitating strategic thinking, co-creating change and business improvement in the private and public sector He has considerable experience in designing programmes that concentrate on creating individual, team and organisational effectiveness.

He has been a Senior EFQM Assessor with the Wales Quality Centre, and is one of the custodians for the Windsor Leadership Dialogue.


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