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BQF Health and Wellbeing at Work

Wednesday 24 April @ 8:00am - 2:30pm

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This event is a Health and Wellbeing event organised by BQF and hosted by British Heart Foundation. Our thought provoking speakers will cover the key aspects of Wellbeing and our breakout session facilitators will provide you with practical tools and techniques to implement within your own organisations.

The focus of this event is to cover the key topics of health and wellbeing. Join us and our speakers who will be on physical, mental and financial wellbeing, sharing case studies and ensuring you achieve optimal performance without burnout.

This event is aimed at anyone with a personal or professional interest in any aspect of wellbeing, be it mental, physical, financial or emotional.


08:30 – 09:00 Registration and Networking
09:00 – 09:15 Introduction
09:15- 10:15

Introduction to Health and Wellbeing: Presenting a compelling business case for wellbeing

David Crossman, Director at DNA of Engagement

Engage for Success became a subsidiary of CIPD on 1st July 2018 but retains its status as a social movement.  Its action groups are continuing to produce highly valuable resources and tools as a result of collaboration with research institutions and othersThe work on Wellbeing highlights the questions that organisations should ask.

Presenting a compelling business case for wellbeing, David hopes to share a number of insights that will extend your interest in employee engagement and wellbeing and the benefits this can bring for organisations.

David will share key findings from the work of Engage for Success and other research to show why employee wellbeing is more important than ever and that by creating engaging workplace cultures, productivity and peoples working lives can be improved.

10:15- 11:15

Mental Health in the Workplace

Dr Lisa Cohen and Dr Beverley Flint, C&I Wellbeing, part of Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Lisa Cohen and Dr Beverley Flint, Clinical Psychologists with C&I Wellbeing (an initiative of Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust) will be discussing the issue of mental wellbeing in the workplace.  They will speak about why it is essential for organisations to focus attention on this, including what are the costs of ignoring it and the benefits of addressing it.  They will also provide an overview of what is meant when we’re talking about ‘mental health’, the issue of ‘stigma’, how to spot the signs when someone may be struggling, and what the research suggests we should all be doing about it.

11:15 – 12:00

Financial Wellbeing 

Francis Goss, Chief Commercial Officer AHC

Research by the CIPD1 highlights that 1 in 5 employees lose sleep over money worries and 1 in 4 employees admit that financial concerns have affected their ability to do their job.  According to the Money Advice Service just 44% of workers in the UK have liquid savings of £500 or more to fall back on for emergencies.  Financial worry has an impact on employees’ mental health and overall employee wellbeing which in turn impacts engagement and performance.

In this talk, Francis will explore the common barriers to employee financial wellbeing and share ideas of how to improve financial wellbeing using a combination of creativity, technology and behavioural science.  He will also share how Vodafone and LV= have helped their employees to engage with retirement savings to improve their long-term financial wellbeing, and explore the future of financial wellbeing.

1Financial Wellbeing The Employee View 2017

12:00-12:45 Lunch

Break out session 1:  Maintain Your Mental Health In The Digital Era  

Ali Miller, Successful Candidates

Do you feel overwhelmed by the volume of communications coming at you every day from all directions? Struggling maintain the boundaries between your work and home-life? Dealing with difficult stakeholders?Then this is the session for you. Ali provides practical no nonsense strategies to manage the overwhelm and maintain your mental health whilst delivering results at work that will help you progress your career. You will learn actionable steps to keep track of communications, set and enforce healthy boundaries and learn strategies to protect yourself in challenging environments. Following this 1 hour session, you will leave feeling confident and competent about maintaining your mental health in the digital era.

Break out session 2:  Mindfulness at Work

Simon Michaels, Mindful Work

Mindfulness is a highly effective form of training to reduce stress and improve productivity. Outcomes from our last three training cohorts were +56% better capacity to manage stress, and +60% productivity.  In our training people learn how to apply mindfulness in a work context, for stress factors such as workload pressure, meetings and conflict.

Simon will briefly describe what mindfulness is, and how it works. He will welcome questions at this point.

Simon has developed a ‘little and often’ approach to training. This means learning skills quickly and applying them quickly. Simon will lead delegates through several simple exercises that they can take away and start using right away.


Break out session 3: Neuroscientific Approach to Wellbeing

Tom Morrell, Alive and Thrive Wellbeing Limited.

This workshop will describe CARI™ and provide some insights into the six-session approach and Neuchem activities that he uses to achieve success.

During this session Tom will help you get in touch with your body chemistry so that you can willingly move from a position of stress and threat into one of safety and reward.  Tom measures the wellbeing profile of each employee in an organisation/department using a fully validated and award-winning app called the Care and Resilience Index (CARI™) developed over 20 years by Maria Paviour, an occupational psychologist.

CARI™ rapidly provides an individual with an accurate personal profile of their wellbeing with the accumulated data anonymously making visible a profile of the whole organisation. Through safe and responsive coaching over a series of sessions Tom helps the client to take control of their own destiny, putting them in the driving seat of their brain, and provides strategic guidance to senior executives.

Break out session 4: Change Your State of Mind 

Vida Carmel and Chris Pinner

In this dynamic session you will discover new tools to transform your physical and mental state. You will see for yourself how easily you are able to make simple changes that will have a huge impact on your personal wellbeing.

Mind & Fuel

The importance of what you choose to put into your body, from the food that you eat to the words you are saying to yourself and pictures you create in your mind’s eye. An introduction to nutrition for fitness from Chris Pinner, a personal trainer who will share real life stories of physical transformation from a health and nutritional perspective. Followed by a session on the power of positive thinking by Vida Carmel, who will show you how you can choose what you are focusing on to go beyond what you think is possible and create the results that you desire.

Mind & Movement 

The importance of movement in creating your state. An explanation of the impact that physical activity has on your body from reducing stress to boosting mood and enhancing cognitive performance with Chris followed by a mindset exercise with Vida that will show you how to change your state immediately using your mind and your body.

14:15-14:30 Wrap ups and Take-aways



Wednesday 24 April
8:00am - 2:30pm
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£ 75 +VAT
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£ 125 +VAT
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Gold members receive an allocation of two places at this event.
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