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Instantly create a continuous improvement resource in your team.

We’ll help you to link continuous improvement activity to your strategy.

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We provide an external voice which can facilitate better decision-making.

We'll always support you before, during and after your consultancy.

We’ll help you to network with other BQF members.

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We work with each of our customers individually to develop a tailored solution and help them get the most out of their continuous improvement journeys.

Change Management

Developing plans for managing change within your organisation.


Supporting your meetings and team events to improve outcomes.

In-House Training

Training and workshops tailored to your needs and delivered in-house.

Strategic & Business Planning

Developing your high level plans and creating a shared strategic vision for the future.


Facilitating your meetings to make better decisions.

External Recognition

We can help you apply for EFQM Recognition and BQF Awards.

Using EFQM Excellence Model

We will help you use the world’s leading management framework to improve your organisation.


We’ll help you to reflect on your organisation and identify opportunities for improvement.

Balanced Scorecard

We will help you to understand the key elements of a balanced scorecard and how it can be used to provide an effective foundation for meaningful improvement.

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We work with organisations to improve their performance by understanding their individual goals and challenges and designing interventions which will create the greatest impact.

Diane Dibley - North West & North East

Diane Dibley

Diane is a highly experienced consultant, trainer and facilitator. She has 20 years’ international experience of supporting organisations from all sectors and size on their business excellence journey; both through hands-on support and through assessments.

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Previous to this Diane was a Business Improvement Consultant who through major experience at the EFQM is a leading international expert on the EFQM Excellence Model and Levels of Excellence, the European Recognition Scheme. Prior to becoming a consultant Diane held a number of positions within the EFQM including that of the Public Sector Manager and in that role was responsible for establishing a number of pan-European Public Sector Communities of Practice. As the manager for Levels of Excellence she was responsible for managing the scheme across Europe as well as for developing and improving the scheme. In addition, as SME Awards Manager, she ran the SME Awards Process in 2000 and 2001.

In addition to her EFQM and BQF activity Diane has worked with a number of organisations both public and private, within the UK and abroad. Activities include:

  • Successfully preparing organisations for Levels of Excellence recognition
  • Undertaking self-assessment, mapping and defining processes
  • Undertaking employee satisfaction focus groups, identifying and implementing improvements and delivering awareness training in the Excellence Model and concepts.

Diane has also provided project management support for a several organisations. She has been a member of the Management Centre Europe Faculty delivering Excellence Awareness and tailored TQM Tools and Techniques training. Recently Diane has started to Guest Lecture on the Managing by Business Excellence degree at the Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick.