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Committed to Excellence (C2E)

A flexible approach

Implementing the EFQM Excellence Model can be as simple or as complex as you would like.

EFQM Committed to Excellence (C2E) is an assessment and recognition scheme that helps you introduce an excellence initiative into your organisation and deliver improved results. It is an action-based learning project that entails identifying, prioritising and implementing improvement projects using the EFQM Excellence Model and RADAR logic.

What are the benefits of Committed to Excellence?

C2E Project Validation:

Committed to Excellence (C2E) Project Validation is one of the most widely recognised business excellence accolades in Europe.

It celebrates any project which drives change, innovation, performance improvement or transformation. The accreditation evaluates all aspects of project management giving you the opportunity to celebrate your team’s success. A detailed feedback report helps you identify areas for improvement for future projects.

The Validation option:

This is an entry level route if your organisation has little or no experience and requires a simple way to get started on your excellence journey. This option consists of two stages:

This report details the strengths and opportunities for improvement observed.

The Assessment option (C2E 2*)
This option recognises organisations that have a number of key building blocks of Excellence in place.

The assessment focuses on Strategy and Key Results, Customer Management, People Management, Sustainability (People, Planet, Profit) and Process Management. Organisations are rated from 1 – 600 and have to achieve a minimum of 200 to achieve recognition.

Feedback is given in terms of strengths and areas for improvement against the nine EFQM Excellence Model criteria.

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