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Certification Register – Change Management

The following lists the names of people who hold a certificate in: Change Management Practitioner, Change Management Advanced Practitioner and Change Management Master Practitioner.

If an individual is listed as active this means they have provided independent verification of competency in applying Change Management within the last three years. The process includes an exam, testimonial interview and a portfolio review, overseen by a BQF assessor.

However, if an individual was certified more than three years ago, they will still be on the register but the ‘licensed to practice until’ status will be shown as inactive. To reactivate the status, the individual will need to submit documentation of their learning and practice activities through the BQF Academy application form.

Full NameDate CertifiedDate ExpiresStatusCertification Level
Sarah Martinez WilliamsDec-19Dec-22ActiveAdvanced Practitioner
Victoria RedmondDec-19Dec-22ActiveAdvanced Practitioner
Barbara DaviesDec-19Dec-22ActiveAdvanced Practitioner