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Business Improvement and Transformation Leader Award 2020


Business Improvement and Transformation Leader Award

040 BQF UK Excellence Awards 2020 - Business Improvement and Transformation Leader Award

This award recognises an individual who has made an exceptional contribution and long-term positive impact through a career of transformation and continuous improvement. They are highly respected professionals continuously looking for new ways to innovate; responsible for leading people; developing tangible strategies and goals over a sustained period having an enduring impact.

Why apply?

This is an opportunity to give your high-achievers a well-deserved public ‘pat on the back’ whilst also showcasing your organisation with the dynamic, continuous improvement thinking of your employees.

Personal Development: Nominating an employee gives the opportunity to benchmark against peers. The awards offer the chance to network with like-minded leaders and share best practice ideas.

Reward and recognition: Nominating an employee is a great opportunity to recognise their efforts through external acknowledgment and recognition. Making the shortlist strengthens best practice and inspires peers to follow in that individual’s footsteps. If a nominee doesn’t make the shortlist, going through the process and the internal recognition in itself is invaluable.

Who should apply?

Applications are welcome from any nominated individual leader in any organisation regardless of size or sector. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Individuals should be nominated by a reporting line manager, Head of Department, Director or previous employer.

The nomination should be endorsed by an additional peer or stakeholder (with testimonials for supporting docs).

How to apply?

Entry is simple – by completion of an online application form and submission of supporting evidence.

Application Criteria

Outstanding performance: How have nominees surpassed expectations and delivered tangible business benefits and stand-out, long term, sustainable results?

Teamwork/leadership: How have nominees demonstrated themselves to be a passionate team player / leader showing high levels of collaboration, including leading by example, transferring knowledge and motivating others and building skill and capability in others?

Innovation: How have nominees innovated, to generate new ideas and opportunities to enhance performance or affect change; do they demonstrate a learning mindset and continuously look for new ways to innovate?

Added value: How have nominees’ efforts delivered an enhanced value to customers and / or stakeholders leading to a demonstrable and valued benefit?


*one entry only for either Leadership Award. Additional entries for a member are £125 +VAT.

£125 + VAT

per entry

£125 + VAT

per entry

Dates for your diary

Entries close

30 April 2020

Judging begins

April 2020

Shortlist will be announced

5 May 2020

Ceremony night

Autumn 2020 – date to be confirmed

Awards FAQs

Can I nominate more than one person for this award?

Yes, you can enter as many individuals as you like for this Leadership Award.

Can I nominate myself for this award?

Individuals cannot apply themselves but should be nominated by a reporting line manager/Head of/Director or previous employer.  The nomination should be endorsed by an additional peer, stakeholder or client.

When is entry deadline?

Entry deadlines for the Innovation, Lean Six Sigma and Leadership awards are all on the 31st of October.

Awards Ceremony

The 2020 awards ceremony is taking place at 8 Northumberland Avenue in the city of London.

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