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The Awards

UK Excellence Awards

Our headline awards which require organisation wide dedication to excellence

EFQM Excellence

For organisations to show case and gain recognition for achieving excellence through their use of the EFQM framework.

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Transformation Excellence

For organisations who have achieved brilliant strategic results through transformation. This is method, framework and toolkit agnostic.

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Excellence In… Awards

These awards recognise excellence in specific topics, such as innovation, collaboration or Lean Six Sigma.

Excellence In Innovation

Recognises and celebrates organisations who have achieved great
progress through new and innovative products or ways of doing

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Excellence in Customer Experience

Recognises those who put customers at the very heart of what they
do to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Excellence In Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Recognises those who are helping people in todays society achieve their goals, hopes, dreams and ambitions and creating the environment where everyone can be their whole and best self.

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Excellence in People Engagement and Development

Recognises those that engage, involve and invest in their people to develop capability and talent. They harness the input and ideas of employees to build a great place to work where everyone can thrive

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Excellence In Living Your Values

Celebrates organisations who have publicly declared what is important to them and have demonstrated how they have brought these values to life in practice

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Excellence In Creating a Healthy, Safe Culture

Recognises those who are creating a culture that places everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing at the heart of what they do and how they do it.

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Excellence in Positive Social Impact

Recognises and celebrates organisations who have demonstrated a positive impact on the environment or community which results in long term sustainable outcomes.

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Excellence In Lean Six Sigma

Recognises those that role model Lean Six Sigma best practice and demonstrate excellent use of Lean Six Sigma tools to deliver benefits for the organisation

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Excellence In Continuous Improvement

Recognise organisations or teams who have made progress on the journey to achieve a culture of continuous improvement in the way they work.

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Excellence In Response and Recovery

Celebrates those who demonstrate the flexibility and creativity needed to adapt, survive and thrive the challenges of a new normal and the impact it has on community, humanitarian, economic and environmental factors.

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Excellence In Collaboration

Recognises organisations who work in collaboration alongside one
another to achieve success. These collaborative relationships could
be with partners, suppliers or customers

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Individual Awards

These awards recognise individuals who have made a great personal contribution to excellence

Business Excellence Established Leader

This award recognises leaders who have demonstrated significant achievement of leading Excellence through change and transformation over a sustained period with impact across customer, colleagues and financial outcomes

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Business Excellence Emerging Leader

This award recognises new and emerging leaders of excellence who are demonstrating the ability to lead teams and deliver change with a lasting impact across customer, colleagues and financial outcomes.

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Business Excellence Practitioner

To recognise an individual who has excelled at enabling key customer, colleague or financial success of a project by playing a key contributing role to a project or initiative.

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