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Lean Six Sigma Awards - 2011 Winner

Lean Six Sigma Award The Lean Six Sigma Award recognises exceptional performance improvement projects based on Lean Six Sigma.

It is a great opportunity for organisations to win recognition for the work that their business excellence professionals are delivering to customers, shareholders and other key stakeholders.

CooperVision2011 Winner: CooperVision 

Based in Hamble, near Southampton, CooperVision is part of the world's fastest growing specialist contact lens manufacturer.

The company had two new production lines that were underperforming and embarked on two projects to reduce downtime that achieved massive savings.

2011 Lean Six Sigma Award Winner: CooperVision The judging panel was particularly impressed by the project teams' understanding of the problems, the methodology and range of tools used, and that they involved both technical and non-technical staff to help identify and resolve problems.

2011 Finalists

  • Lloyd's Register
  • RR Donnelley
  • Tubelines

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For more information about the Lean Six Sigma Award and how to enter, please contact the Awards Office on 020 7654 5010 or email.