EFQM | Primary Partner

Our vision and values

Our vision is to be the premier organisation representing excellence and performance improvement in the UK.

Our values are about who we are and how we work with our members, our colleagues, our stakeholders and our partners.

Our purpose

To support, empower and provide recognition for our members and other organisations in pursuit of sustainable excellence

Our values

True to our word! We take responsibility and do what we promise

Respect each other and our members. We always act with the best intentions

Unswerving in putting members and customers first. We go the extra mile to understand and meet their needs and expectations.

Share with each other and within the BQF community because it’s the right thing to do

Teamwork is our byword. We are willing to help and do not have a “not my job attitude”

Embrace new opportunities. We continually look to learn and grow as an individual, team and community

Deliver everything to the highest possible standard

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