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2020 Award Categories


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UK Excellence Award

This is the BQF’s most prestigious award where there are three different categories – Large Private/Public Sector, SME/Small Public Sector and Third Sector/Not for Profit. Winners must be able to demonstrate sustainable excellence over a period of time and across all 9 criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model.

The BQF Academy Lean Six Sigma Award

This award is managed by The BQF Academy. It recognises innovation and a measurable improvement from a project employing Lean, Lean Six Sigma or other performance improvement methodologies.

Excellence in Collaboration Award

This award recognises organisations or individuals working with others to achieve mutual benefits for themselves, partners and other stakeholders and with the goal of achieving success. Entries can be jointly submitted.

Excellence in Community Engagement Award

This award recognises organisations that can demonstrate an effective relationship with its defined community, be it business or societal. There will be a range of positive social and organisational outcomes.

Excellence in Customer Experience Award

This award recognises organisations that have created and delivered a positive customer experience through improving customer relationships, developing new and enhanced products and services all with the aim of achieving retention, loyalty and advocacy.

Excellence in Employee Engagement Award

This award recognises those who put its people at the heart of their organisation. It is often said by organisations that “people are our greatest asset”. This award is for those who have achieved that have achieved improved levels of employee engagement.

Excellence in Environmental Responsibility Award

This award recognises organisations that operate in a way that protects the environment, including ethical management of products and processes from the point of view of health, safety and environmental aspects.

Excellence in Innovation Award

This award recognises organisations where innovation is seen as important and where processes and initiatives have incorporated innovative thinking. This could be in terms of a new product, new service, a new approach to marketing or even a new business model.

The BQF Academy Continuous Improvement Award

This award recognises organisations or teams who are striving to create a working environment where everyone is equipped, skilled and empowered to identify and improvements every day.

Business Improvement and Transformation Leader Award

This award recognises an individual leader who has made an exceptional contribution and long term positive impact through a career of transformation and continuous improvement.

Emerging Business Improvement and Transformation Leader Award

This award recognises an individual at the early stages in their career who has already made an exceptional contribution in their organisation. They have demonstrated the potential, ability, ambition and promise in leadership.


The 2020 awards ceremony is taking place at 8 Northumberland Avenue in the city of London.


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