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2018 – Present Lean Six Sigma Black and Master Black Belt Register

Inclusion on our Certification Register confirms that an individual has demonstrated the required level of technical Lean Six Sigma Registerexpertise, application experience and managerial skills to implement Lean and Lean Six Sigma projects.

The following lists the names of people who hold a BQF Lean Six Sigma Licensed of Current Practice. This means that they have either been certified in the last three years or have demonstrated that they are currently delivering Lean or Lean Six Sigma projects.

If you certified over three years ago please contact us to confirm that you are present on the full Lean and Lean Six Sigma register.

The Lean Six Sigma certification process is carried out by approved Black and Master Black Belt experts who have been licensed by us to assess Lean and Six Sigma practitioners.

Full NameDate CertifiedDate ExpiresStatusCertification Level
Marcus MacLean
Jan-18Jan-21ActiveBlack Belt
Ruth Morton
Jan-18Jan-21ActiveMaster Black Belt
Andrew LaurieFeb-18Feb-21ActiveBlack Belt
Suzanne SkinnerFeb-18Feb-21ActiveBlack Belt
Pauline PatonFeb-18Feb-21ActiveBlack Belt
Nikki StewartFeb-18Feb-21ActiveMaster Black Belt
Douglas TurnbullFeb-18
Feb-21ActiveMaster Black Belt
Marta Saez VilarFeb-18
Feb-21ActiveBlack Belt
Michael BeaseApr-18Apr-21ActiveBlack Belt
Edoardo Corradin
May-18May-21ActiveBlack Belt
Mike Bease
Apr-18Apr-21ActiveBlack Belt
Justin Jacobs Mar-18Mar-21ActiveMaster Black Belt
Katie Browne
Mar-18Mar-21ActiveBlack Belt
Lucy Ginger
Mar-18Mar-21ActiveBlack Belt
Anne-Marie Keogh
Mar-18Mar-21ActiveBlack Belt
Mukul Nagpal
Apr-18Apr-21ActiveBlack Belt
Paul Fishburn
Apr-18Apr-21ActiveBlack Belt
Jo BrarJun-18Jun-21ActiveMaster Black Belt
Dennis BeerendonkMar-18Mar-21ActiveBlack Belt
Stephen McNealJul-18Jul-21ActiveBlack Belt
Jill Johnson
Sep-18Sep-21ActiveBlack Belt
Peter RichardsonJun-18Jun-21ActiveBlack Belt
Steven Mitchell
Sep-18Sep-21ActiveBlack Belt
Alan TurnerSep-18Sep-21ActiveBlack Belt
John GriffithsSep-18Sep-21ActiveBlack Belt
Tore Rustan
Aug-18Aug-21ActiveBlack Belt
Peter Kelly
Aug-18Aug-21ActiveBlack Belt
Bankole Claudius-ColeJul-18Jul-21ActiveMaster Black Belt
Tendai ShanaJul-18Jul-21ActiveBlack Belt
Mark Thomas
Jul-18Jul-21ActiveBlack Belt
Susan Lee KirklandOct-18Oct-21ActiveMaster Black Belt
Rowena Rix
Dec-18Dec-21ActiveBlack Belt
James WorsleyDec-18Dec-21ActiveBlack Belt
Laura BlytheJan-19Jan-22ActiveBlack Belt
Rachelle HeslopJan-19Jan-22ActiveBlack Belt
Tom ClaytonJan-19Jan-22ActiveBlack Belt
Chas GoldringFeb-19Jan-22ActiveBlack Belt
Andrew SmithJun-19Jun-22ActiveBlack Belt
Frederic MonfortJun-19Jun-22ActiveBlack Belt
Christopher EllisJun-19Jun-22ActiveBlack Belt
Guillaume OstynJun-19Jun-22ActiveBlack Belt
Greta PiccoloMay-19May-22ActiveBlack Belt
Rob SmithApr-19Apr-22ActiveBlack Belt
Carly GormanApr-19Apr-22ActiveBlack Belt
Peter DobrijevicJul-19Jul-22ActiveMaster Black Belt
Paul HaywardJul-19Jul-22ActiveBlack Belt
Monica JimenezJul-19Jul-22ActiveBlack Belt
Ian MaddenAug-19Aug-22ActiveMaster Black Belt