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EFQM Excellence Model

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The EFQM Excellence Model – Europe’s leading management framework

It is comprehensive and non-prescriptive and can be applied to any organisation of any size, sector or industry.

As EFQM’s UK Primary Partner we are the official EFQM assessor training provider in England and Wales and offer its full range of products and services.

Making your organisation excellent

All organisations should have a management framework to be successful. As an excellent organisation you perform better, achieve success, respond to change and meet the needs of all your stakeholders. It’s about delivering real and lasting improvement to your business.

We have learned so much going through the

EFQM model and we have implemented many new approaches as a result. We have also realised that we have lots of great approaches in place that have helped us create our culture and we

will enhance them further.

Using the EFQM Model will enable your business/organisation to:

Applying the Excellence Model

You can apply the Excellence Model through the EFQM Levels of Excellence – the underlying principles that are the essential foundation of achieving sustainable excellence.

The model is now fully embedded in the business and in everything we do – we call it our ‘critical friend’ as it provides honest feedback without being too prescriptive, and keeps us improving!

EFQM Assessor Community Register

People who have been accredited as EFQM Assessors or EFQM Master Assessors have shown that they’re equipped to the highest standards to assess an organisation’s performance. See our directory of:


How we can help

We are here to support you with your EFQM Excellence journey – helping you to learn from best practice, improve your performance and achieve sustainable excellence.

If you score highly against the Excellence Model criteria you can also apply for the prestigious UK Excellence Awards, which celebrate outstanding achievements in excellent organisations.

Find out more about the Excellence Model

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