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Uniac is Committed to Excellence

Committed to Excellence

Uniac has been awarded EFQM Committed to Excellence status, demonstrating its passion and commitment to improving its performance.

Uniac is a provider of internal audits to the UK's Higher Education (HE) sector. It is jointly owned by eleven member universities, and was the first HE audit consortium to be established in the UK.

EFQM Committed to Excellence is part of the EFQM Levels of Excellence programme and is designed for organisations that are well on their way to organisational excellence. It recognises successful efforts to implement excellence and good practice, and offers the benefits of a structured approach to identifying organisational strengths and areas for improvement as well as an external point of view.

'At Uniac we have always been keen to continually improve and develop. The Committed to Excellence framework has given us an invaluable structure for doing this, and we are looking forward to building upon the promising achievements that it already delivered for us.'
Sean Ryan, Director, Uniac

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