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Thu, 03/01/2019

Holistic comes from the Greek word “Holos” and this in English is translated as “whole” or “entire”.  A holistic or integrative approach to wellbeing and productivity means taking an organisation or an individual as a whole rather than small parts or departments, recognising their independence but considering the entire entity and how all the parts…


Mon, 29/10/2018

Ian Swain, Chief Executive Officer, discusses why businesses should adopt Lean Six Sigma to maximise their potential and fulfill their business objectives and goals. Introduced back in 1986, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has been transforming businesses for decades. For those who are unfamiliar, Lean Six Sigma is a process that involves a set of powerful…

Events News

Thu, 12/07/2018

Charlie Casey, Senior Customer Performance Manager at Barclays Bank, defines his key takeaways from the Special Interest Group meeting at John Lewis’s distribution centre, noting why customer experience is always key. I wanted to reflect on the recent collaborative Special Interest Group meeting of Customer Experience and EFQM. We had an opportunity to spend a…


Fri, 29/06/2018

Diane Dibley, Service Delivery and Member Experience, discusses why organisations need focus on relevance, performance and confidence to secure the right result. Everywhere I go at the moment, people are talking about results. Hardly surprising when right now we have World Cup Football, Wimbledon Tennis, Cricket, Formula 1 and, I suspect, a whole list of…


Fri, 23/06/2017

Having just passed my two year anniversary at BQF this month, I have been reflecting on the goals we have achieved and a few areas where, perhaps, we have fallen short. The underlying thread over the two years is our management of constant change. We have experienced change within BQF and also as individuals developing…


Mon, 27/02/2017

CEO Russell Longmuir shares his viewpoints on Leadership… and green tea Never a day goes past without another article posted on LinkedIn about leadership. Normally it goes along the lines of “the 5 things successful leaders do before breakfast” or “these are the top 10 traits for leaders that are driving profits in their business”….


Tue, 04/10/2016

I was visiting bathstore’s CEO Gary Favell last week to congratulate him on bathstore achieving EFQM Committed to Excellence accreditation and I noticed a Saracens rugby ball on his desk with their values printed across the ball – workrate, humility, honesty and discipline. This reminded me that there is a World Values Day on 20th…


Mon, 15/08/2016

At BQF, we are very focused on continuous performance improvement and transformation.  Many studies have proven that diverse teams produce more innovation, creativity, broader ideas and thus increased performance and better results. For many UK companies, there is a huge challenge introducing and maintaining diversity within their teams. With many of our members having their…


Fri, 10/06/2016

I was watching Charlie, my son, play PS4 a few weeks back. Dark Souls 3 had just been released and from the moment the game was downloaded, he was engrossed. He was determined to beat the game and would not ease up on the challenge which for the first couple of days was tough because…