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EFQM Recognised for Excellence

Recognised for ExcellenceEFQM Recognised for Excellence is a recognition and certification scheme designed for organisations that are well on their way to achieving organisational excellence.

It recognises successful efforts to implement excellence and good practice, and offers the benefits of a structured approach to identifying organisational strengths and areas for improvement.

EFQM Recognised for Excellence is part of the EFQM Levels of Excellence, Europe's leading certification programme for recognising high levels of organisational performance.

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The benefits

  • External feedback from an experienced team of independent assessors
  • International recognition
  • Benchmarking against other organisations using the same framework
  • Practical experience and learning


Your organisation will be assessed and scored by an Assessor team against the EFQM Excellence Model, and if it achieves over 300 points, it will be awarded three, four or five stars based on its performance.

The Assessor team will provide you with written feedback on the strengths and areas for improvements for your organisation, and this will help you to focus your organisation's improvement activities and provide input for business planning.


Recognised for ExcellenceEFQM Recognised for Excellence certification is valid for 2 years and successful organisations are listed on both our Directory of Excellence and EFQM's Levels of Excellence database. They are also able to use the appropriate logo to promote their achievement.

Any organisation can apply

Any organisation can apply from small and medium-sized enterprises and large businesses to public sector and voluntary organisations, charities and not-for-profits. Business units within an organisation are also eligible.

'This is a very good first result for us, but we are clear there is more work to do. We are committed to Operational Excellence as part of our plan to continually improve as a business, meeting the needs to our customers.'
Tom Stables, Managing Director, National Express UK Coach

'We are delighted that we have been awarded 4 star rating. This is a very encouraging start for the Department of Facilities on our journey of continuous improvement. Over the next couple of years we will be building on this success and on the good work that has already been done, working together with colleagues across the House in achieving the corporate goals of the House Service.'
John Borley, Director General, Department of Facilities, House of Commons

'We still feel we have a lot to learn and do, but the EFQM Excellence Model has been a wonderful framework for us to grow in'.
Robin Vaughan, Director of Professional Standards, CIMA

'The whole EFQM Levels of Excellence process from the intial contact through to the final feedback report was a positive experience. The high calibre, professionalism and experience of the Assessors gave us confidence the assessment process would add value to our business.'
Vernon Barker, Managing Director, FirstGroup UK Rail

'Following assessment against the EFQM model, we are delighted to have achieved 4-star Recognised for Excellence. The submission and assessment process has certainly opened our eyes to further continuous improvement. We will be spending some time analysing the full report, in order that any changes that we make as a result of this process add value to the business.'
Carole Large, People Manager, Ratcliffe Power Station



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