A Model for Innovation – The Edinburgh Fringe

If we want more entrepreneurs and more new businesses then the Edinburgh Fringe might be a useful model to follow. We need safe places for creative entrepreneurs to try out their great ideas. […]


Challenge your Thinking by Defining your Ideal Competitor

Try this management exercise. Take your group and divide them into teams of four to six people. The brief is simple. Imagine that an immensely wealthy corporation has decided to enter your business market and plans to create a powerful competitor that will use innovative approaches to seize your customers and wipe you out. It […]

Conceive a Different Business Model

Is there a completely different way to operate in your business? If all your competitors are using a broadly similar approach, is there an entirely separate approach that could deliver what your customers want?

In the early 1980s the leading manufacturers of Personal Computers were companies such as IBM, Compaq, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard and Olivetti. […]