Why do Supervisors block Innovation?

Often we find in large organisations that the executive team are keen to improve innovation and at the same time, front-line staff are frustrated and keen to change things. So why is change not happening? Who is impeding innovation? Middle managers get the blame. […]


Find out What People Really Think

Here is an innovative idea for managers. Find out what your employees really think.

Happiily is a site that lets employees speak honestly and anonymously. It means that they can give managers an early warning when there are problems.

At the moment this Canadian start-up is offering its services free. It is an opportunity to […]

Let Suggestions bypass the Line Manager

Whatever suggestion scheme or idea initiation events you implement, it is important to ensure that there is a facility for individuals to bypass their line manager if necessary.

Line managers can be resistant to ideas from their own people for a variety of reasons. They might fear that the person making the suggestion might be […]

Empowering for Innovation

A great leader can turn people into entrepreneurs who are hungrily looking for new opportunities. The key is empowerment. By empowering people you enable them to achieve goals through their own ideas and efforts. The leader sets the destination but the team chooses the route.

People need clear objectives so that they know what is […]