Seven Common Mistakes in Suggestions Schemes

Employee suggestion schemes can be a powerful engine for new product growth, for cost savings and for improvements in all areas of the company. Your staff can see all sorts of ways that things could be made better for the customer and the company. […]


Develop New Products Fast with an Innovation Incubator

The toy company Mattel is well known for its Barbie doll brand. They need a constant stream of internal innovations to build on this success. So Ivy Ross, Senior VP of Girls Toy Design set up something she called Project Platypus. The idea is based on the description of a platypus as an uncommon mix […]

Turbocharge your Suggestions Scheme

It is clear that there are many different approaches to ideas schemes and you need to find one that suits your corporate culture and objectives. There are also many different software packages available to run the schemes. If you are thinking of implementing or improving your suggestions system then it is wise to speak to a number of other organisations and to borrow their best ideas. […]

The Passionate Champion can transform your Brainstorm Meeting

The Authors

In this article on the Harvard Business Review blog Vijay Govindarajan and Jay Terwilliger explain the role of a passionate champion in a brainstorm meeting. As you know in a brainstorm there are two main phases, idea generation using divergent thinking and idea selection using convergent thinking. They suggest that at the […]

Dell and Starbucks crowdsource high volumes of ideas

Crowdsourcing can energise your loyal fans as well as generate some good innovations but f you adopt this approach you should anticipate and resource a high volume of ideas. […]

Increase your Success – become an Ideas Carrier

You can increase your success in business if you can become an ideas carrier, someone who identifies, collects and communicates fresh ideas for other people’s business challenges. If you work in an office you can do this for your colleagues, your boss or the people who report to you. If you are a consultant or […]

Intensive Bottled Creativity

The next meeting of the BQF Innovation Unit will be an Ideas Jam on the morning of July 13th in central London. It will be fun, challenging, interactive, intensive and creative. You will learn new ideation methods, meet interesting people and work with them to develop radical ideas. It is open to members and non-members. […]

Where are you most innovative – on your own or in a crowd?

There is an interesting blog on Zenhabits which looks at the habits of highly creative people. It finds that most of them rate solitude as the best way to find creative ideas. However others prefer the stimuation of participation in a group. When do you get your best ideas – when on your own or […]

Run Creative Ideas Events

If there is an important issue that needs some creative ideas then set a specific challenge for it and run an ideas event. A regular brainstorm or ideation meeting is fine but why not add some excitement with a different approach?

Here are the sorts of events you could run:

• A lunchtime brainstorm with […]

Is Brainstorming a Waste of Time?

Mark McGuiness on his blog, Lateral Action, asks the question, ‘Is brainstorming a waste of time?’ He produces a number of serious critics who hate brainstorms and claim that there is little evidence that they work. The main criticisms are:

Not enough good ideas Lack of critical filters Inhibition Freeloading Taking turns Group think

He […]