Turbocharge your Suggestions Scheme

It is clear that there are many different approaches to ideas schemes and you need to find one that suits your corporate culture and objectives. There are also many different software packages available to run the schemes. If you are thinking of implementing or improving your suggestions system then it is wise to speak to a number of other organisations and to borrow their best ideas. […]


How do you get Employees Engaged with Innovation? Start with a Suggestions Scheme.

How do you get your people engaged with innovation? There are many things to consider here including your corporate culture and the overall vision and direction of the business. However, one practical step that you can implement is to start an effective suggestions scheme and to encourage all employees to participate. I believe that every […]

Find out What People Really Think

Here is an innovative idea for managers. Find out what your employees really think.

Happiily is a site that lets employees speak honestly and anonymously. It means that they can give managers an early warning when there are problems.

At the moment this Canadian start-up is offering its services free. It is an opportunity to […]