Innovation needs Passion

People will not follow an unenthusiastic leader. They will follow someone who has a vision and is passionate about it. Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela showed great passion for what they believed – it was what made them great leaders.

The sales training expert Robin Fielder says, ‘Never, ever forget that people […]


Using Twitter to help Innovation

You are probably aware of Twitter if not using it already. It is a micro-blogging site where you can broadcast and read ‘tweets’ – messages of no more than 140 characters. Much of the traffic is trivial but Twitter can be valuable when used for serious purposes. Here is how I use it in the […]

Break Down Internal Barriers

Within larger organisations one of the biggest obstacles to innovation is poor internal communication. A ‘silo’ mentality develops so that departments guard information and ideas rather than share them. People work hard […]