Innovation starts with a Point of Pain

Necessity is the mother of invention.  And pain can be the father of innovation.  Whenever you or your customer has a problem, an inconvenience, a difficulty or a pain there is an opportunity for innovation.  A new product or service is called for to alleviate the pain.

Nick D’Aloisio is a 16 year old London schoolboy who has just invented a mobile phone app called Summly.  He said, “I was revising for a history exam and using Google, clicking in and out of search results, and it seemed quite inefficient. If I found myself on a site that was interesting I was reading it and that was wasting time.  I thought that what I needed was a way of simplifying and summarising these web searches. Google has Instant Preview but that is just an image of the page.  What I wanted was a content preview.”  He created an application that summarises text documents into bullet points that can be easily read on the small screen of a mobile phone.

So far his iPhone app has been downloaded over 115,000 times since being launched a few weeks ago.  He has attracted attention from investors in Silicon Valley and China.

More details on this BBC news report.

If you have a problem try coming up with an innovative solution and maybe you will design a winning product.  On second thoughts maybe you should ask your teenage children to do it for you.

Paul Sloane




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