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It's not just The Voice

19th April 2012

Ian Stokes, Premier Member Director, BQF

Ian Stokes, Premier Member Director, BQF

I am not normally a fan of the talent and reality shows currently dominating prime-time TV, but in recent weeks I have been captivated by BBC1's The Voice .

For the uninitiated, The Voice offers an innovative take on the traditional talent show format. A singer performs a 90 second audition to four of the most successful artists in the music industry, but crucially these expert judges all have their backs turned.

This 'blind' judging effectively removes all the packaging, marketing and preconceptions so the judges have no idea of the contestant's age, gender, looks, dress sense, personality or background. They must decide whether to offer the contestant a chance based solely on the quality of their voice. It makes for great telly and has reinvigorated a programme format that was starting to look a little tired.

However this focus on a single aspect of a singer is just a gimmick. Granted it's a good gimmick, but we all know that success and career longevity will be dependent on a number of different factors. A modern pop superstar has to have a high quality end product (the voice), but they also have to get the whole package right - good management, image, marketing, partnerships etc - to ensure sustained national and international success.

So now apply this to the world of business. While the quality of an organisation's end product - its goods and services - is vital, there are other things it needs to get right as well to succeed in the long run. If it has poor leadership or customer service for example then it won't last long. If its processes are poor or its employees dissatisfied and disengaged it will inevitably suffer.

Today's successful organisations need to aspire to excellence in all aspects of their operation in order to stay at number one.